Wooden Swords
Wooden-Swords.com is proud to offer a complete line of hand-crafted solid practice wooden swords. These fully functional and historically accurate practice wooden swords are made from high quality, solid impact grade Hickory Wood; and impact grade red oak, making them strong enough to meet and exceed all Martial Artist training and practice needs. We offer practice wooden swords for the beginner, intermediate and advanced martial artists.

Our fine selection of practice wooden swords and wooden weapons are visually inspected, machine carved, sun dried, hand smoothed then hand treated and stained to bring out the grain of the wood while prolonging the life of your practice wooden sword. Each wooden sword is then stress tested, visually inspected and then packed to ensure that you are getting the best quality wooden sword.

We ensure that our customers will only get the best and highest quality Practice Wooden Swords and weapons as well as books and videos at the lowest possible prices.

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